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Pure Black™ Technology Sleek, all-black solar panels enhance the beauty of any home.

Solaria PowerXT 400W leverages Solaria’s patented cell design, superior panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques to significantly boost power generation and provide outstanding performance.

Beautiful Pure Black Technology: Solaria’s patented manufacturing process not only gives the PowerXT maximum power output and efficiency but also makes it the most aesthetically pleasing solar panel on the market today.

Better by Design: Solaria solar panels are more efficient and give you 20% more power than traditional panels and eliminate common failure points, devoting more of the surface to producing power.

Competitive Advantage: PowerXT 400W high power density allows solar installers to maximize power and energy yield on customer roofs; shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT 400W panels performing beyond when other panels have stopped generating power.

Durability & Reliability: Engineered to maximize energy production, Solaria PowerXT panels consistently set industry standards for reliability and durability. Ribbon-less, solder-free cell-to-cell connections eliminate common failure points, increase reliability, and are designed to exceed the 25-year warranty.

Engineered for High Performance: Solaria’s innovative solar cell technology significantly boosts power and panel efficiency using a groundbreaking engineering design to maximize energy output.

High Power 400W All-Black Solar Panel for Residential Applications This state-of-the-art 400 watt solar panel with Pure Black™ technology optimizes power, performance and aesthetics. PowerXT 400W uses Solaria’s patented cell design, superior panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques to significantly boost power generation, provide superior shading performance, and set the standard for reliability.

Features & Benefits 400W high power residential solar panel

New footprint – better roof fit

Lightest solar panel per square foot

Pure Black™ technology

20%+ efficiency

Enhanced shade performance

Industry-leading 25-Year Power, Parts & Labor Warranty

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