Magic Cloths - Package of 10 ClothsZoom

Magic Cloths - Package of 10 Cloths

Item# MC-10

Magic No Streak Cloths clean, polish and dust many items such as: mirrors, granite, marble, glass, ceramics, kitchens, cars, bathrooms, nurseries, offices, stainless steel, TVs, Computer monitors, car rims, floors and windows with just water, no chemicals or soaps.

MAGIC CLOTHS are fabulous for cleaning SOLAR PANELS too!

Wash and reuse Up to 50 times each. They can even replace disposable Swifter Pads, as a reusable and washable alternative. Magic Cloths also replace window cleaners, furniture polish and so much more. The electro tech fibers grab a hold of dust and dirt to reduce the need for frequent dusting which is helpful in households with people who have asthma, respiratory problems, and allergies. Magic Cloths are especially great for people who don't like to dust frequently. Who has time for that?

Eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic. Safe For Kids and Pets. Saves money by eliminating the need for several household cleaners.

This 10 pack is a great value with enough Magic Cloths for cleaning homes, businesses, or both. There is even enough magic in the 10 pack to share.
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