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City Spirit Electric Car

City Spirit Electric Car
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City Spirit - 100% Electric Micro Car Jiayuan™s City Spirit Electric Car Won the Year's Most Stylish Models Award For Electric Cars and The Top Ten Small Electric Car Awards Ceremony that was held in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, in 2015. We have been selling this City Spirit Model Worldwide Ever Since. Why? Because this Small Electric Car is so exciting! Plug-in cars are great for the environment. Like other zero emission cars, you simply charge the battery and ride for 62 miles per charge. No gasoline is ever needed. The City Spirit, charges completely in 6 - 8 hours with a standard wall outlet. Like most Electric Vehicles the City Spirit model drives quietly. Speeds of: 70 km/h or 43.4 mph with an automatic engine. It comes in your choice of 6 colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Brown and Purple It features an all glass roof, for panoramic views. Glass trunk window lifts for easy access. Strategically place LED lights are both attractive and practical for driving at night. We offer many features and options that are usually only found on standard size cars. These are not just for golf courses and resorts, the City Spirit Model JY222 is road ready. VINs allow you to insure this EV for driving on roads where the speed requirements are within range. Perfect for areas with small roads, corner stores and driving in residential neighborhoods. High schoolers, college campus and business park driving are perfect for plug-in micro cars. This car is great for parking in tight spaces. Includes keys with remote control for easy entry and security.

These are smart rides for personal use and also for businesses needing car rentals, tourism, sight-seeing, hotels, golf courses, country clubs, corporate parks and amusement parks. In these times of Covid-19, the City Spirit is affordable enough to replace ride sharing with a car of your own! Please email us for details for payment and delivery instructions at:
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