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ARKO Color Changing Solar Bollard Lights

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AURORA'S SOLAR COLOR CHANGING LED BOLLARD LIGHTS You can easily create a colorful night with the ARKO Light and itís 2.4G Remote Control (RGBCW = Red, Green and Blue, Cool and Warm White Light Options) Solar LED bollard light is the perfect product for garden, parking, pathway, events, holiday, and portable multicolored lighting needs. There are three models available: ARKO, HADES AND ARES. This model is ARKO. ARKO is a vandal resistant solar LED bollard light with a polycarbonate dome over the solar panel. The dome protects the solar panel from all types of impacts, things blowing in the wind, scratches, and debris. The ARKO features high performance impact resistance rating up to IK10 + levels. With its curved dome, dust will not accumulate, instead it will and can easily be flushed off with the rain or water. Like our other 3 color-changing Bollard LED lights, The Arko model has an ultra-high lumen LED up to 200lm/W. Additionally there is a mirror reflector inside of the light head which significantly increases the reflection of the lumens. You can install one or multiples yourself in minutes. These lights are totally off grid, needing no electrical wiring, plugs or grid connection enabling you to light up the night indoor or outdoor. When 5 hours of light reaches the panels to charge during the day, the built-in battery ensures that you will have stored enough solar energy to light up your night!

Lighting Selections Are:

Shades of White (Cool and warm) or RGBCW (Changeable via Remote Control) Red, Green, Blue, C and W (Representing: Cool and Warm White Light options).

Aurora Solar Arko Bollard LED Light Specifications:

Solar Charging Time: 5 Hours of Sunshine

Material: Polycarbonate + Aluminum Alloy

Light Bulb Size: φ255mm

LED: 2.2W > 320lm (CCT 6000K)

Solar Panel: 6.2W 5V MONO

Remote Control: 2.5G Wireless, Touch, Remote Control is sold separately. 1 remote control can be used for 1-20 light fixtures within 98 feet of each other.

CCT: White / RGBCW* (Changeable via Remote Control) *Red, Green, Blue, C and W represent Cool and Warm.

Battery: LifePO4 3.2V 6AH

Battery Lifetime: > 2000 cycles

IP Grade: IP65

Pillar Body Color: Black / Satin Chrome /Custom

Warranty: 2 years

Custom colors, datasheets, light tests, certifications, and other details are available by request. Large quantity discounts are also available. Please email us with your requests.
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