White 4 Door E-Car
White 4 Door E-Car
White 4 Door E-Car

White 4 Door E-Car


New 2018 Model 4-Door Plug-In Electric Car has a larger cabin to fit 4 people. It's Eco-Friendly and gives off Zero Emissions. Works with your standard outlet and charges fully in 6-8 hours.


Product details

Elecycle's New Hybrid Electric "E-Car" is a sharp, compact 4 seater model that features
McPerson suspension, LED lights, aluminum alloy wheels, glass windows, radio with
USB ports, seat belts, keys with remote and air conditioning.

It has all of the basics covered but it is gas-free and eco-friendly! Rides for over 85 miles on 1 charge. Better than settling for a golf cart, this compact electric car keeps you going rain or shine.

Your new 4-Door, plug-in electric car come in white. Works with standard outlet, no special charger is needed. Runs completely on electricity and if you charge it with solar or another form of renewable energy your new ride will be 100% sustainable.

There are so many ways to use this electric vehicle, such as: an every day car, recreational
vehicle, property management car or campus vehicle, resort community or country club car, holiday or vacation car rentals, tourism or construction electric vehicles and so much more.

Standard features include: Combined LED lights for turning, fixed position, braking lights, vegan leather seats, Aluminum Alloy wheels, MP3 player, warmer/blower vent for natural breeze, windows, seatbelts, radio.audio system, storage boxes in doors, trunk, front suspension, MacPherson Independent, Integral Shock Damping rear suspension and more.