30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater
30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater
30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater
30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater
30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater

30 Gallons Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater


Snug 30 Gallon Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Heater Reduces Your Electricity Bill by up to 30%
SS-304 Grade Stainless Steel with Outer Tank of Galvanized Steel. For Residential, Hotel, Hospitals and more. Flat Solar Panel. No Electricity or Gas needed.


Product details

Product Overview:

100% Solar. 174 psi. Flat panel solar water heater. Easy Installation. Includes flat solar panel with pressurized water tank. Simple design, economical and practical, small and easy to install.

1. Absorber plate Absorber plate consists of copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper risers, to provide excellent heat transfer between the fins and the risers, ensuring high efficiency. The absorber core is made of high purity TV1. Durable aluminum absorber plate allows excellent energy absorption even in cooler climates. D. Our solar panels use high quality selective titanium coating film on the absorber. High selective titanium coating film is a specially developed TiNxOy film made by spurting the copper ribbon through physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. The most difficult thing is how to store the solar energy in the TiNxOy film. D. Snug Solar developed a patented way to spurt a reflection reducing coating and anti-corrosion ceramic membrane on the compound film, thus even after 25 years, the performance can still be above 95% as the initial time. The absorption ribbon is welded to the copper pipe by USW (ultrasonic welding) technology to minimize damage to the metal when welding.
2. Insulation The absorber plate is encased in 25 mm rigid Polyurethane foam, with an additional layer of glass wool, retaining the collector's heat.
3. Solar Glass Glazing The single-pane 3.2-mm solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability. The 0.03% low iron oxide content enables a high solar transmittance of 91%.
4. Casings All anodized aluminum extrusion casings are made of solid construction available in a natural or black color.
5. Tubing Grid 5/8" or 8 mm copper risers brazed to 11/8" or 7/8" copper manifolds with optional flow distribution.
6. Back Plate The back plate is made of black polypropylene sheet.
7. Aluminum Foil The aluminum foil acts as a barrier against outgassing, and is integrated into the insulation.

Outer Body - high grade 304 L stainless steel
Certifications: CE, ISO9001, CCC, RoHS, CB, UL, CSA, SASO
Absorption Rate of Absorber: 95%±2%
Emissivity of Absorber: 4%±1%
Rust Proof and UV Resistant and Durable

Application Type: Home, Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial
Family Size: 3.00
Tank Capacity: 31.00
Tank Profile: Short
Indoor Installation: No
Outdoor Installation: Yes
Finish Family: Stainless
Product Depth (in): 3.40
Tank Diameter (in.): 21.60
Insulation Thickness (in.): 2.10
Water Connection Location: Top of the unit on the integrated tank
Water Connection Size (in.): 0.63
Type of Element: Tubing Grid 5/8"
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve: Yes
Maximum Temperature (F): 338.00
Foam Insulation: Yes
Built-In WiFi: No
Part Warranty: 7.00
UL Listed: Yes
Weight (lbs): 82.60
Residential Warranty (in years): 7
Commercial Warranty (in years): 7
Finish Warranty (in years): 5
Structural Warranty (in years): 5
Country of Origin: China
Packaging Dimensions (inches): Height: 40 Length: 79.1 Width: 40